Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Facebook Statuses That MUST Be Shared

I feel compelled to share these ridiculous status updates with the world. I will *try* to conceal the identifying details, but you may have come across these people before. My comments are in braces {}. I am not editing these for grammar or spelling or stupidity. You are forewarned.

***Is praying for God's directiion in my life. I really want to go back to school and be able to put those classes that I have taken into action but I am just looking for direction in this..... {this is the person who HAD to get married because Jesus wanted her to have the sex, and then she had a child and NO JOB, and her husband has NO JOB, and just today I found out that she is pregnant AGAIN! When we will stop rewarding people for having unprotected sex! my taxes are paying for her lack of birth control! *stepping off soapbox, for now*}

***Is looking for a job if anyone knows of anything.... {because she has discovered that other people with jobs frown upon their tax dollars going toward the children of people who cannot figure out how birth control operates}

***Is praying for God's will and direction in finding a job..... {because she says repeatedly that God will provide. yet I am still waiting on God to make my mortgage payment}

***WE have a wennier dog mix free to a good home! His name is sam and he is great with kids! He just needs a good and loving family! Let me know if you are interested! {no comment required here}

***Had a bunc of crying, snotty nose little ones in the church nursery today! I am looking foward to our C7C class tonight and the crawl fis boil at Andy's moms afterwards! Zoo and Aquarium tomorrow... We actually have a fun filled weekend for once! Yay! {why doesn't crying children work its magic as birth control? Every time I hear a child cry, my uterus shrivels a little more...}

***Had a fun long day yesterday and has enjoyed the day with little man relaxing at home! Praying I get the job I applied for this mornign if it is GOD's will! {silly}

***Just found out that at the end of Sept. Justin will also no longer have a job.... when it rains it pours! Keep us in your prayers, we know God has it under control but prayer ALWAYS works!!!!! {*sigh* they never learn...}

***I love how people act like they are all concerned for you whne you are going through a tough time in your life.... then they tell you what they REALLY called for! Just a little irritated! But I love Jesus!!!!! That is all I have to say about that! {arrggh!}

***PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Justin may have a lead on a job! He should know more on Friday of next week! I knew I had no need to worry! God ALWAYS comes through for us who rely on him!!!!!!! This job unlike the one he is gettin laid off from has all the ben...ifits... Insurance, retirement, and vacation wahoooooo!!!!! I am so excited! {no one believes me about these status updates - I would have "unfriended" this person if I wasn't so amused (and annoyed) and have nothing better to do with my time}

***So I am planning to go back to school in Jan! I need a Math 100 and Physics 115 book for wallace if anyone has one they would like to rent or sale me let me know please! Thanks!!!!! {who rents a book? and you SELL a book to someone, not SALE! ARGH!}

***Is praying for a call for an interview at the County Commissioners office... They still have not hired anyone so maybe this is what God wants.... If not then that is cool too! Praying for his will! Oh and Mothers Day out starts next week! Message me for more info!

***Just got home from an AWESOME and very touching service with my C&C guys! I love my buddies and am praying for all of them! I have the best friends ever and that is all I have to say about that! {this has that Forrest Gump quality to it}

***Is still praying for our job situations... I know God has it in his hands! {this has been going on for a while now, I am still waiting on my check...}

***Ok so if anyone know of any FT jobs with insurance that Justin or I may qualify for please let me know... we have to have insurance for Carter.... His ped does not accept mediacaid and we love him so ya know how that goes!

***Really Carter now has a temp 0f 101.5 satan really is just attacking us like CRAZY! Oh well I still love Jesus. {this status update particularly angers me, rather than treat your child for a fever, you blame Satan. I worry for this child}

***Is not feeling too well today...or yesterday, or the day before that... Wish I knew why? Carter is teething as well so we feel like poop together. {at least this time it is not Satan's fault for making them both sick}

***Is burning some CD's of some videos that I have captured of Carter on the awesom video camera Justin got me for christmas in 2008... Can't wait to watch them and just cry I am sure lol! I can't believe he is almost 8 months old already! {shouldn't that be *DVDs* rather than CDs? just because you put an apostrophe on it DOES NOT MAKE IT PLURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

***Is wathing the "Beats" with Cash! We are playing and having a blast while Carter is napping and his Mommy and Daddy are gone to take Jack Jack to the Dr! Loving my family time! {this posting just makes my brain hurt}

***Does anyone have a small male yorkie that may be a good stud dog? We need to breed Mrs. Chole or get rid of her lol! {this is Blake's most favorite status update EVER! they have no job, a kid, one kid on the way, yet they are wanting to selfishly breed a dog? come on now!}

***Has made a dicison! I refuse to the let satan control my mind anymore! I know that the Lord has our situation in HIS hands and that is the best place for them to be! I claim victory in the name of my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! {I can't decide if the grammar and spelling upsets me more than anything else about this}

***Sitting here at mom and dads watching the Alabama game and about to eat some yummy food grilled by the MASTER cook... that would be my hubby! He is called to grill fo sho! {'fo sho'?? this makes my brain hurt - my brain would throw up if it could}

***So I talked to them about my job this morning and she sais they are pulling resumes to interview and she would make sure to pull mine! So PRAY PRAY PRAY! I feel like I want and need this job! So I hope it is Gods will but if not I know he has another door to open for me!

***Is just praying that God takes contorl of this situation cuz I am not in the shape to deal with this anymore. I am stressed and sick of dealing with it all! I just need a job so bad! I know God has it in his hands and that is the only thing keeping me sane at this point! {this bothers me because of the poor planning of it all - how about you have a JOB before you have CHILDREN?}

***And the nausea begins.... I just feel kinda blah today! But I am enjoying my time with Carter man! We are spending the morning with Nana tomorrow, we got to take her for her dr apt. {and this is today's 'update'. she is pregnant AGAIN! why can't we put birth control in the water?}

{this is only ONE of the people I know that do crap like this - hurry up and get married so they can have the sex, only to have multiple children, have no college education or a JOB! It makes me angry because they say it is all 'God's will' but to me, it is all ignorance. That is what these people do, blame their stupidity on 'God's will' and say that Satan is making them sick or preventing them from getting a job! ARGH!}


  1. jesus.

    {no, that's not a prayer, it's just a word to show how irritable i am after reading all that. i mean, damn.}

  2. {and I didn't even post all of the stupid updates...}