Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why I Hate Tim Tebow

There are many reasons why everybody should hate "he who believes he is God" from the University of Florida. I will give you a top-ten list of the reasons why I can't stand the conceited starting quarterback:

1. he is beyond conceited - football is a TEAM sport, people. the quarterback is supposed to utilize the rest of his team during the game. Tebow takes it upon himself to run every single play by himself when there are obvious other players open and available to assist in plays.

2. he continues to run each and every play trying to beat a rushing record for a quarterback - there should be NO rushing record for quarterbacks, hence the TEAM sport aspect of football

3. he had no business playing in the game in which he suffered a concussion. his team already had a comfortable lead and the starting quarterback should be sitting on the sidelines, allowing the second string to get to play. he got what he deserved.

4. after suffering a concussion, one's health should come BEFORE any sporting event. the person who has the concussion should sit out a few weeks in order for the BRAIN to heal properly. the world will continue to turn if you aren't the star quarterback in ONE game. LSU should have taken it upon themselves to purposely try to hit this guy and put him out - for the good of the rest of the SEC and the rest of college football in general.

5. just because a team doctor clears you to play a rough, contact sport soon after suffering a major concussion (the team doctor is paid by the university athletic department, by the way), does not mean that you should put your life and brain health at risk - who cares what quarterback rushing record hasn't been broken yet. if you get another swift hit to the head you will be eating soup through a straw in the mental institution for the rest of your life. his priorities are oh so clear.

6. during the first game post-concussion, Tim Tebow appeared to be all drugged up. the pupils of his eyes were huge and he could hardly put together coherent sentences. again, is football more important than your health? he also played every single snap of the football of that game

7. the coach isn't too concerned of his "star" quarterback's health either. he continues to let the jerk play in every snap of every football game. and they do look awfully "chummy" on the sidelines - I wonder what they have going on "behind" the scenes...

8. Tim Tebow - I just loathe that name in general, I cannot think of one person with that name that I have remotely liked - or cared if they lived or died.

9. He is all the time prasing Jesus - Jesus got him where he is today, Jesus helps him everyday, everyone should praise Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, JESUS! give it a rest already - if Jesus had a part in football, YOU wouldn't have even HAD a concussion now would you? Looks like your God has failed you...

10. He yells at his teammates on and off the sidelines. HE is NOT the coach - yet he thinks he is. It is not another teammate's responsibility to reprimand his 'equals'.

please feel free to add your personal reasons why Tim Tebow sucks.
I am not interested in hearing why you LOVE him or how you think I am wrong.
thank you.


  1. i had to google him and he isn't that cute... so to hell with him.

  2. I absolutely love this!!! I hate Tim Tebow as well. I can't believe they put that awful speech on a plaque. They did omit the uh that came out every third word.

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